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What To Wear With Yoga Pants? 10+ Tips

Okay, so you found the perfect bottoms to hug your curves, but do you know what to wear with yoga pants? That’s what we will be discussing today.

There are different styles of yoga pants and having a personal preference will dictate your fashion and apparel choices.

Over the years, more women have chosen yoga pants over skinny jeans because of their comfort and versatility.

We witnessed how ladies turned leggings into fashionable outfits, even when off the yoga mat. Is it possible to do the same with yoga pants?

The Golden Rules of Wearing Yoga Pants

Before we proceed, try to follow the rules below to ensure you can wear them anywhere.

  • Choose quality yoga pants with thicker material that will look flattering on you.

Ensure they are not see-through and in the correct size that fits you perfectly. You will find the beauty of yoga pants through their fit and comfort.

  • We know how leggings fit, and yoga pants will be the same.

When wearing one, make you cover your sensitive parts and panty lines. One effective way of covering yourself and hiding panty lines is to add layers to your clothing.

  • Add layers.

Dressing in layers provides you with a put-together look while ensuring good coverage. Choose a comfortable base layer before donning a blazer, jacket, or sweater.

How To Wear Yoga Pants in Style

Depending on their style and where you intend to use them, there are various ways of dressing up your favorite yoga pants.

You can take your pick from a cropped style, full-length, loose or skin fit, and flared yoga pants. Whatever style you prefer, you will never run out of options.

We often see celebrities sporting black-colored classic yoga pants partnered with colorful tops or loose-fitting shirts.

Others put them on as casual wear for strolling around town or running errands.

We’ll check how you can wear your beloved yoga pants for different scenarios. Some can even pass as a comfortable outfit for the office without looking drab.

1. Get Traditional Black Yoga Leggings

Running errands while wearing comfortable clothing is a must, but you don’t have to look drab while wearing your black-colored, skin-tight yoga pants.

You can level up plain yoga leggings or pants by wearing an oversized denim jacket over your sweater for a more put-together look.

You can exchange the denim jacket for a casual, edgy outfit for a leather one, paired with a cozy scarf and buckled or combat boots. Complete the look with bold earrings.

If you are not a leather-wearing person, try a colored tank and top it with a neutral-colored long cardigan with over-the-knee boots.

Be daring by wearing black yoga pants to an upscale event. Pull off a good look by wearing a tunic top with a black leather jacket and over-the-knee suede boots.

2. Try Flare Yoga Pants

You can pair your comfortable yoga pants with a jacket, convenient trainers, sandals, or ballet flats.

Bootcut yoga pants can fit your body comfortably and flat while highlighting your body shape.

That said, avoid wearing pointy heels and opt for ankle boots when wearing boot-cut and short yoga pants.

3. Wear a Blazer

If you need a professional-looking outfit, style your yoga pants with a blazer on top of a neutral-colored blouse and a pair of flats.

You can also wear a blouse in your favorite shade with a black cardigan, ensuring it covers your bottom.

what to wear with yoga pants outfit

4. Play With Prints

Utilize bold choices with printed yoga pants and partner them with plain tops. You can also experiment with different designs and patterns that you like.

You can wear a printed top with the same design as your yoga gear and finish the look with a hoodie.

5. Try Bright Colors

Yoga outfits belong to the athleisure category, advertised as both functional and fashionable.

If you don’t like to try printed yoga pants yet, go for solid bright colors instead.

6. Wear Sports Bra

You can pair all yoga pants with a sports bra, workout tops, or other form-fitting T-shirts.

These form-fitting workout tops will not fall and cover your head as you do bending poses.

Some tank top types even have built-in sports bras for convenience during an actual yoga class.

7. Going Commando or Not

Some yogis or practitioners feel more comfortable not wearing underwear with yoga pants.

Generally, you don’t have to wear one to avoid injury, infections, and panty lines from showing.

However, you must wash your yoga pants after every session, mainly if you use a communal yoga mat in the gym.

Cotton yoga pants and regular washing will help prevent bacteria from growing, eliminating the risk of infections and irritations.

Alternatively, choose a skin-colored, seamless cotton panty if you want underwear for yoga pants, as they are more breathable.

You might also want to wear boy shorts instead of panties so there are no clear panty lines when wearing tight yoga pants.

8. Wear Yoga Socks

Some practitioners like wearing yoga socks with plastic treads underneath during practice to avoid slipping on the mat.

Other yogis pair their comfy yoga pants with toe socks for the same purpose.

9. Use Accessories

In addition to wearing stylish tops and blazers, you can also use accessories with yoga pants to make them more appropriate for the office.

10. Thick Yoga Pants

During the colder months, you can wear knee-high boots with yoga pants and pair them with a thick and oversized sweater.

11. Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants

If you prefer wearing loose-fitting to skin-tight yoga pants during a challenging yoga class, choose the one that grips around the ankle.

These loose-fitting pants feel more comfortable, allowing you to move without restrictions during practice.

12. Dress or Skirt

You can wear a dress or a skirt and pair it with cream yoga leggings, and then complete the look with boots and a belt.

13. Cropped Yoga Pants

Cropped yoga pants are the perfect outfit during summer and warmer months. You can pair them with a cap and a tank top.

Best Fabric for Yoga Pants

Choosing the best fabric for yoga pants depends on your athletic activity and personal preferences.

Generally, most high-quality yoga pants come from a blend of different materials. Here are some of the best fabrics manufacturers use for athletic gear:


Lycra is a patented brand name for spandex, made by the DuPont Company, which is easier to find and purchase than other companies.


Nylon is one of the most durable, stretchy, and quick-drying fabrics for athletic tights, pantyhose, and tights.

Although it’s great for yoga pants, only a small percentage of manufacturers use this fabric because of color fading issues.

Yoga pants made of nylon-spandex fabric are famous for their high-stretch properties. However, they tend to be thinner and not as durable.


Polyester has a significant fiber percentage, making it a lightweight but durable material. It also comes with moisture-wicking properties, which are essential for yoga pants.

Pure polyester is less breathable. Hence, you only need a portion of this fabric for your yoga pants.

A specific polyester fabric uses interlock twist yarn or ITY, adding breathability and stretch to the material.

Usually, yoga pants made of this material use a blend of 80% polyester mixed with spandex.


Polypropylene is similar to polyester as both are technically made of plastic and dry faster. However, polyester is easier to care for, making it better for most people.


Rayon is an affordable soft fabric known for its breathability, typically used in athletic wear. Most cheap yoga pants use rayon instead of polyester.

That said, not all manufacturers recommend this fabric because it is not as durable as other materials.

One typical fabric used by most underwear manufacturers is called modal. However, its high price range is not advisable for athletic wear.


Spandex or elastane can stretch to extreme lengths before snapping to its original form. It is not as sturdy as polyester, hence the need for other fabrics.

Some of the best yoga pants are made with a mixture of polyester and spandex materials.

What To Wear With Yoga Pants?

Now that you know what to wear with yoga pants, it will be easier to experiment and create new outfits for all occasions.

These tips and recommendations allow you to relax in your yoga pants but still look professional while in the office.

Find the right yoga pants according to your style preference, look for the matching top according to the occasion, and pair them with the appropriate shoes.

Also, don’t hesitate to accessorize for added effect.

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