Best Yoga Tops of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Whether you’re looking for a lightweight and breathable top to wear during hot summer workouts or something that offers extra support during more strenuous moves, you’re sure to find apparel perfect for all your yoga sessions.

The problem is that with the many brands and styles available, it can take time to pick the best yoga tops that suit your needs and preferences.

Thus, we’ve scoured the market to help narrow down your choices.

We also curated a buyer’s guide and answered FAQs to help you make a more informed decision.

Comparison Chart

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CRZ YOGA Long Sleeve Workout Shirts
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Aeuui Womens Workout Tops for Women
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ARRIVE GUIDE Crop Top Athletic Shirts
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ICTIVE Womens Cross Backless Workout Top
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OYANUS Womens Summer Workout Top

Best Yoga Tops: A Review

1. CRZ Yoga Long Sleeve Yoga Shirt

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One company that perfectly balances quality and affordability is CRZ Yoga.

Their range of Pima cotton long-sleeve shirts is a mid-tier product.

Product Highlights

This yoga shirt is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, offering high-quality materials, breathable fabrics, and a relaxed fit that makes it ideal for any style of yoga.

It offers gentle support while still providing unrestricted mobility.

It’s cut in a streamlined yet relaxed design that ensures a nonrestrictive fit.

That’s why the design of this T-shirt is tailored to be loose without feeling too baggy or sloppy.

This helps in keeping you free to focus on your poses.

What We Like

Unlike typical cotton, which can feel stiff and scratchy, Pima cotton is known for its softness and drape.

This premium cotton offers exceptional comfort with its fine, smooth texture and high thread count, making it an ideal choice for an all-day workout shirt.

Additionally, Pima cotton is highly breathable and possesses excellent moisture-wicking capabilities.

What We Don’t Like

While a relaxed fit has become popular in recent years, it is only suited to some people.

Specifically, women with leaner body types may find that the extra fabric of this workout shirt hangs too loosely.

It can be quite unflattering and detract from a woman’s natural silhouette.

Another common complaint is that the Pima cotton fabric, while very comfortable, tends to develop bleach stains after washing with other colored laundry.


  • Soft, comfortable, and breathable
  • Won’t restrict movement
  • Available in several colorways
  • Good stretch fabric


  • Some may find the loose fit unflattering
  • Prone to staining
  • Tends to drape over your face in certain yoga poses

2. Aeuui Women’s Workout Tops

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Aeuui Workout Tops is an excellent choice for anyone looking for affordable athletic wear that offers both style and function.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this cheerfully colored top can take on all types of workouts, including yoga.

Product Highlights

The Aeuui Women’s Workout Tops is made from a 95% polyester skin-friendly, sweat-wicking fabric, which helps keep you cool and dry.

It also won’t shrink or deform easily after washing. Plus, it has a super soft, breathable mesh stitching at the back that adds to its breathability.

What We Like

The Aeuui Women’s Workout Tops is a racerback tank top that is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a comfortable and breathable top that they can wear in hot yoga classes.

With a wide range of colors available, it’s easy to mix and match with just about any workout bottoms.

Whether you prefer bold prints or more understated styles, there’s bound to be a color combo that suits your style preferences.

Best of all, this top works equally well for warm summer days or cool winter nights.

It’s breathable enough for even the hottest conditions and super cozy when things get chilly.

What We Don’t Like

The manufacturer says it fits true to size, but it’s rarely the case.

The most common complaint is that the armholes are too small, and the chest size might be slightly off.

So, if you’re thinking of buying it, order one size up.


  • Made from a skin-friendly fabric
  • Breathable fabric and stitching
  • Easy to mix and match with just about any workout bottoms
  • Fashionable style
  • Perfect for hot and cold climate


  • Not true to size

3. Arrive Guide Crop Top

41qNp QWZML. SL500

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, choosing the right workout gear is essential for success.

This is where the Arrive Guide Crop Top comes in. It’s a stylish budget workout top that you can comfortably wear with leggings or your favorite pair of jeans.

Product Highlights

This stylish crop top is perfect for just about any occasion.

Made from a cotton and spandex blend, it offers all-day comfort no matter what your day has in store for you.

Available in a range of colors, this top is sure to turn heads and help you stand out from the crowd.

What We Like

Whether you’re lounging around the house, running errands, or squeezing in your daily yoga practice, this versatile piece of clothing will keep you feeling jumpy and relaxed throughout the day.

Made from an extra soft fabric, the shirt offers supreme comfort while keeping you cool throughout your workout or errand.

What We Don’t Like

Since it’s a 94% cotton blend, it retains moisture more than other yoga tops. It helps in sweat absorption but it doesn’t let it evaporate as quickly as other yoga tops.

Also, we didn’t like that the spandex part tends to hug the ribcage a little too tightly.

So, we recommend you go a size up when purchasing this top.


  • Offers all-day comfort
  • Available in an assortment of color options
  • Extra soft fabric
  • Versatile design
  • Machine washable


  • Retains moisture more than other yoga tops
  • May hug the ribcage too tightly

4. Ictive Cross Backless Workout Top

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As a budget brand, Ictive develops products that feel much more premium than their price tags indicate.

For example, its Cross Backless Workout Top feels similar to established sports brands at a much more affordable price.

Product Highlights 

ICTIVE’s entry has a racerback design and is made from comfortable polyester and spandex blend.

It’s an extremely breathable, moisture-wicking material that can withstand intense workouts, making it the perfect yoga tank for a hot yoga class or a ten-mile race.

What We Like

We love that this top is designed more as a workout tank top instead of a yoga-specific top, making it the ultimate choice for athletes everywhere.

Like all quality athletic gear, it is designed to be flexible and breathable, allowing you to get the most out of your workout without feeling restricted or overheated.

But what really sets this top apart from other athletic apparel is its durability.

Unlike other tops that fray or lose their shape after a few washes, this top is built to last, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction.

What We Don’t Like

We didn’t like that this top has a specific cut that’s snug around the hips and flowy in the bust, which others might find to be an annoyingly ill-fitted shirt.

It’s design is also workout-specific, so it’s not easy to pull off wearing this top while running errands.


  • Designed for athletes
  • Made from breathable, moisture-wicking material
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Loose fit makes room for sports bras


  • Has a specific fit for certain female body types
  • Not easy to use as a casual shirt

5. Oyanus Summer Workout Tops

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This no-frills yoga wear brand is focused on creating gear that gets the job done, and their summer workout top is one of the best you can find.

Made from a premium modal fabric and breathable polyester blend, this shirt offers comfort, breathability, and flexibility on a budget.

Product Highlights

This top is super soft and comfortable, with just enough stretch to keep you moving freely as you work through your yoga routine.

What’s more, it has a breathable construction that allows air to flow freely, preventing overheating or sweat buildup.

What We Like

Modal fabric is known as one of the softest materials around. It’s also all-natural, so it’s the perfect fabric for the eco-conscious yoga practitioner.

We also love this top’s scoop neck, open back, and sleeveless design combo, as it makes it extra breathable and gives you maximum freedom of movement.

Plus, the natural shine of the fabric makes it double as a fashionable top on your nights out.

What We Don’t Like

One of the things we didn’t like about this top is that the colors are subdued. It may have something to do with the modal fabric.

While the modal fabric is one of the best ways to stay cool on hot summer days, thanks to its incredible ability to absorb sweat, this same quality tends to make it prone to showing sweat marks.


  • Made of ultra-soft and all-natural modal fabric
  • Highly breathable
  • Allows for unrestricted movements
  • Can be worn as a casual top


  • Colors are subdued compared to online images
  • Shows sweat stains

What to Look for in a Yoga Top

When it comes to yoga clothes, breathability, freedom of movement, and style are all crucial factors to consider.

After all, you need clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your practice r sessions.

At the same time, your clothes should allow you to move easily and unrestricted through all your poses.

Of course, your clothes must look great too! After all, wearing stylish yoga apparel helps to boost motivation and confidence during your workout.

With those in mind, allow us to explain in more detail the key features to look for in a yoga top or clothes in general.

Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement is essential when shopping for yoga gear since you want to be able to move comfortably as you practice different poses and breathing techniques.

A great way to ensure that you have a full range of motion is to choose tops with elastic fabrics such as cotton and bamboo.

These materials allow your skin to flex and stretch naturally without restricting your movements in any way.

Another way to ensure freedom of movement is to look at the tops’ cut.

Sleeveless yoga apparel, for example, prevents any bunching or squeezing when you move, whether you’re performing a forward bend, twisting into a side angle, or taking a deep backbend.


A good yoga top should allow air to flow freely, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable even as you sweat or stretch.

This breathability can be affected by several factors, including material type, weave style, seam placement, and construction methods.

For instance, a lightweight cotton top with an open weave will be more breathable than a nylon shirt with tight weft and warp threads.


One key feature many often overlook when choosing a yoga top is the fabric that it’s made out of.

Choosing a soft, flexible fabric like cotton, polyester, or spandex can make a huge difference in how well your top fits and moves with you during your practice.

Soft fabrics also have several other benefits. They are naturally stretchy and breathable, allowing maximum flexibility and comfort in your routine.


A great yoga top should be made of high-quality material that is breathable and stretchy, so it can keep up with all of your challenging poses.

It should also feature a flattering cut and plenty of stylish details so you can wear it outside of your practice as well.

Choosing a versatile style for your yoga tops will not only help you get the most out of your workouts.

It will also make them easier to integrate into your everyday wardrobe.

Whether you’re wearing yoga gear for an afternoon stroll or swinging by the gym on your way to work, with the right top on your back, you’ll always feel confident and comfortable no matter where you are.

FAQs About Yoga Tops or Clothes

Now that you have five of the best tops to choose from and the key features you need to look at, you probably still have queries about yoga clothes.

Thus, here are some pieces of information you need to know about yoga clothes:

1. Can I wear a hoodie to yoga?

Although some might want to sweat more than usual, wearing a hoodie or even a yoga jacket can lead to overheating, which can cause fainting, dizziness, or worst, a heatstroke.

However, you can definitely wear one before your yoga session if you want to start sweating even before you practice.

It can also come in handy when the climate cools down after your yoga session or when you decide to run errands.

You no longer need to carry extra clothes since you can simply remove your top and wear your bra under your hoodie or jacket.

2. How to take care of your yoga clothes?

Some of the best practices for keeping your tops in great shape include properly washing them.

It’s always best to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

In general, though, always use a gentle detergent and avoid high heat.

It is also important to allow your tops to air dry so that they don’t get damaged in the dryer or accidentally shrink from exposure to too much heat.

Some other handy tips include storing them carefully and avoiding staining or chemical damage.

3. How are brands solving the “riding up” issue?

When designing yoga tops, one of the main goals for many designers is to prevent the tops from riding up.

It can be a tricky task, as it requires a careful balancing act between flexibility and support.

Many different tricks they use in an attempt to achieve this are as follows:

  • Strategically placing the seams
  • Including grips along the hems of tops
  • Adding weights to the bottom edges of pants or shorts

While these solutions may only sometimes be ideal, they are typically effective at preventing vest-like riding while letting yogis perform all their favorite poses with ease.

4. Can I just wear a sports bra to yoga?

The short answer is yes. You can definitely wear a sports bra to a yoga class if you like.

That said, it’s important to recognize the difference between the type of support appropriate for your workout and what you need for your body.

So if in doubt, it’s usually best to err on the side of wearing something fuller-coverage like a regular fitness bra or tank top so that you can feel fully supported regardless of what pose you’re trying out next.

5. Can I just wear a shirt to yoga?

You can definitely enjoy yoga wearing a simple shirt or even just your everyday wardrobe.

After all, yoga doesn’t require an elaborate wardrobe or specialized equipment.

It’s all about connecting with your body and breath, no matter what you wear.

Still, ensure the shirt or clothes you wear are comfortable, breathable, and allow freedom of movement or a wide range of motion.

Which of the Best Yoga Tops Should You Choose?

Undoubtedly, our top pick for the best yoga top is the Arrive Guide Crop Top since it’s the most well-balanced yoga workout top among the choices above.

It’s made from high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric, allowing complete freedom of movement during your yoga practice.

Not only does this crop top provide excellent support and comfort, but it also looks great.

With its sleek and stylish design, you can feel confident wearing the Arrive Guide Crop Top to your next yoga class or practice session!

If you’re uncomfortable wearing crop tops or sleeveless clothes and want extra coverage, the CRZ Yoga Long Sleeve Yoga Shirt would be your best option.

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