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Advantages of a Travel Yoga Mat

A travel yoga mat forms an essential item for every yogi. Unlike traditional mats, they are specifically made to allow you to pack and carry them around. They are lightweight and roll into a compact size that fits your travel bag. So, with a travel mat, you can continue with your daily yoga exercises irrespective of where you are.

This yoga mat is ideal for yogis who travel a lot, especially on business trips. Additionally, it can be a good addition if you are a yoga enthusiast who loves outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. When you go to the beach or hike, you can easily spread your mat and do your yoga.

So, what are the advantages of a travel yoga mat? This article explains some of a yoga mat’s key features and benefits. Read on to know more about why you should invest in a travel yoga mat.

Why Should You Buy a Travel Yoga Mat?

As a yogi, you want to continue your daily exercises irrespective of where you are. Therefore, travel yoga mats are made to allow you to move with your yoga wherever you go. Unlike your carpet, at home, they fold up into a compact size that fits your travel bag. In addition, they are thin and lightweight; even if you are on a hike, you can conveniently carry them.

So, this mat would be an excellent addition to your routine if you are a regular yogi traveling on business trips. Moreover, if you love going out to the beach or camping, this mat will allow you to comfortably do your exercises wherever you are. Also, travel mats are made in beautiful patterns to give you the confidence to carry them around. No one wants to tag along an ugly-looking yoga carpet.

Advantages of a Travel Yoga Mat

A travel yoga mat has many advantages to enhance your yoga experience as you tour around. Here are some of the benefits you will get from owning one.


Travel yoga mats are made with the needs of the traveler in mind. Most of them are as thin as 3 mm and weigh around one kilogram, making them extremely light to carry around. While traveling, you want to minimize the burden you take, and a travel yoga mat does precisely this.


Are you wondering whether you can afford a travel yoga mat? These mats are very cheap, and anyone can purchase them regardless of their financial situation. They retail at a price as low as $30, making them affordable, especially if you are on a budget.

It Gives a Good Grip

Travel sometimes may cause you to do your yoga on a bare floor. Bare floors are slippery, which makes it hard for you to do your exercises. It would be best if you had a solid grip on the ground to prevent you from sliding as you stretch.

Travel yoga mats are made with a rubber grip to give you excellent traction and protect you from slipping as you do your yoga exercises. Therefore, investing in one will allow you to have a smooth yoga experience as you travel around.

Compact In Size

As a traveler, you want items that are compact and easily fit into your bag. These mats are designed to fit into your bag and take up as little space as possible. In addition, they come in forms that fold and roll into small compact sizes that are easy to pack. Thus, they are very convenient; you can quickly unpack and repack them.

Multiple Colors and Patterns

If you are a yogi picky with colors, you can easily find a travel mat that suits your taste. They come in a wide variety of colors. If you want a brown color that hides dirt, you will find one. Also, if you want a bright color like pink, no problem.

Also, they come in various patterns that give them a modern and stylish look. These beautiful patterns create a warm environment to do your yoga. Travel yoga mats allow you to maintain a style even as you do your asanas.

Easy to Clean

Most travel Yoga mats are washing machine friendly, making them extremely easy to clean. You only need to throw your rug into the device as you do your laundry, and you are good to go. Thus you save a lot of time and effort needed to hand wash.

Wide Use

A travel yoga mat has wide use; you can use it indoors while on travel, in the office when you want to unwind, or outdoors on the beach, park, lawn, woodland, or backyard. Having this mat allows you to do your yoga anywhere at any time.

Limitations of Travel Yoga Mat

Like any other thing, travel yoga mats have their good and bad sides. Here are some of the limitations of a travel yoga mat to help you make an informed choice.

Thin Cushioning

The thickness of an item is directly proportional to its weight. Therefore, the thinner the item, the lighter it is. Most travel yoga mats are thin, less than 3mm thick, making them lightweight and easy to carry around. However, because of their small thickness, travel yoga mats do not cushion your knees against hard floors. This can be very uncomfortable, especially if you have knee problems or engage in physically intense yoga exercises.

Advantages of a Travel Yoga Mat

What to Consider When Selecting a Travel Yoga Mat

There are many brands of travel yoga mats in the market, and selecting one that suits you can be challenging. However, knowing the features to look at will ease the process for you.

Here are things you should factor in when buying a travel yoga mat.

Material Used

When selecting a yoga mat, the material used is key, as this will determine the durability and sustainability of your yoga mat. Go for materials that generally last longer and can be recycled.

If you are a yogi conscious of the environment, a mat made of natural rubber would be ideal for you. Not only is it durable, but also it is environmentally friendly.


The essence of a travel mat is portability; a rug that lacks this feature ceases to become a travel mat. So, when looking for a travel rug, go for one that is lightweight and folds into a compact size convenient to carry around. An ideal mat is that which fits into your travel bag.

Grip and Traction

Smooth yoga requires a mat that gives you good grip and traction. A rug that slips as you move your body is annoying and prevents you from concentrating. Going for a travel mat with a good grasp of the ground is thus essential. In addition, a rug with a textured anti-slip rubber bottom has a good grip, thus giving you excellent traction as you do your yoga.

The Thickness of the Mat

The thickness of the matt determines its comfort. A thicker matt cushion your body against the hard floor. You would want a high-density matt as thick as 3mm to protect your sensitive knees and elbows from the hard floor.

Color and Pattern

Travel yoga mats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some will blend with your style others will not. So, you want a color or design that coincides with your style. Also, since you do not use travel yoga mats often, they will last long. So, go for something timeless that will not bore you easily.


Travel yoga rugs retail at different prices depending on the brand and features of the mat. Select a yoga mat that you can easily afford without straining your finances. You only use a travel mat a few times a year, so it is not worth spending much money there. A good mat is that which brings essential features at an affordable price.

Absorbency of the Top Layer

As you do your exercises, you sweat on the mat; thus, you want a surface that absorbs sweat to prevent the rug from slipping. Mats with suede top layers absorb sweat and are therefore ideal for you if you do hot yoga or sweat a lot.

Ease of Cleaning

In as much as you only need to clean your travel a few times a year, you want something easy to wash. If you love the convenience of the washing machine, consider a yoga mat that is friendly to the device.


Travel yoga mats are modern-day inventions made to allow yogis to carry around their routine wherever they go. They are lightweight and fold into small and compact sizes, which makes them portable. Moreover, these yoga mats are ideal for doing exercises indoors and outdoors. You can use it in your hotel room, beach, or woodland.

There exists a wide variety of travel yoga mats in the market, and selecting one that fits you can be challenging. However, a good yoga mat portrays your desirable features.

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