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About Us

About Yoga On The Fly

When planning to start practicing yoga to enjoy its many benefits, you need to know everything you can about it. Yoga On The Fly is an all-in-one resource you can trust any time of the day.

We are a team of experienced yoga instructors, individuals with different professions, and stay-at-home moms who have been living the yoga way for years. This lifestyle positively changed our lives, and we want you to have a similar successful journey.

Basic To Advanced Yoga Knowledge

Yoga On The Fly has information on the different types of yoga for you to understand each of them better. It will also help you decide what to practice based on your specific goals and health condition.

We have facts about why you should practice yoga, from the established, well-known benefits to the latest discoveries through studies and research. We ensure we don’t fall short of providing you, our readers, with essential information.

Like any physical activity, you must execute every yoga pose correctly to ensure you truly enjoy all the benefits. Doing so will also prevent you from hurting yourself, which can lead to short- or long-term injuries.

Here at Yoga On The Fly, we make sure you don’t make the mistake of practicing yoga without mastering the poses for different health conditions, ages, and skill levels. We have yoga training guides that our team of professional yoga instructors put together themselves.

You will need several yoga necessities when practicing at home, outdoors, or in your private office during your break. You can also bring them to the gym so that you don’t use whatever is available and has been used by different people.

From yoga mats, blocks, balls, and wheels to yoga clothing and towels, Yoga On The Fly will help you find the essentials that match your specific lifestyle and budget. Whether you need a yoga ball you can easily pack and bring anywhere or a thick, large mat for your home gym, we’ll scour the market for you and find the best ones.

Not only do we review these products individually, but we also compare those with one or two similar features, such as price range and size.

In addition to these reviews, we provide buying advice for you to know the essential features to look for once you start deciding which yoga item works best for you. After all, the wrong product will prevent you from performing yoga exercises correctly and comfortably.

As yoga practitioners, it’s not enough to have the right equipment and accessories and master the poses. There are also several pre- and post-yoga practices you must remember. From how to clean and sanitize your yoga stuff before and after usage to how you must store and pack them securely, we make sure you don’t waste your investment.

Gain knowledge, develop, and improve your yoga skills without the risk of injury and using the wrong equipment through our guides, tips, reviews, and more! With Yoga On The Fly, yoga will be enjoyable and comfortable, as it should be, whether you’re still learning the basics or another type of yoga to add to your yoga practice.